About BitCake

The story behind our team

We’re a brazilian game studio based in Rio de Janeiro, with a completely remote team. We have people from different cities, states, and even some digital nomads!.

BitCake Studio started out in 2013 as an experiment from one of Brazil’s most prominent developer at the time. Critical Studio, in the midst of developing Dungeonland for Paradox Interactive, decided they wanted to create opportunities for other people to develop games in Brazil. They called 6 young developers from Rio de Janeiro, threw them in the studio’s kitchen and told them to develop any game they wanted there, without asking anything in return. After Critical’s eventual closure, BitCake went on to become its own studio and continue development of its first game: Holodrive.

Holodrive, started its life as a quick prototype of a 2D Multiplayer Shooter that was brought to life with a heavy influence of the Lean Startup methodology.  We shared our process and iterated with player feedback from month 1. Now, years later, the game is released on Steam and we continue to improve it by adding more robust features and polish. Holodrive has accumulated over 1 million player accounts, cultivated a small and loving community on Discord, and shaped our team with a strong focus on community, as well multiplayer development and live product operations experience.

In 2014 we were accelerated by GameFounders, the first games only accelerator in Europe. We lived together for 5 months in Estonia and, if we could survive sharing an apartment with a single bathroom between 5 people, nothing can stop us.

Now we’re a larger team of 11 people  with two 2D artists and a social media manager. With more professionals, the number of games in development has also increased, and we are currently with five games in development. Two of them in VR with launch scheduled for 2019!