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Hello readers!

My name is Eduardo Lamhut and I’m BitCake Studio’s Game Designer, you must be asking yourself: What the hell is BitCake Studio? Do you guys make this video game stuff the hip kids talk about? Where’s the “Give you guys money” button? CALM DOWN, calm down… I’m here for the first time in order to present you guys our humble studio and the game we’re developing, as we grow and improve upon it there’ll be more posts detailing the game’s development process. All this so that hopefully you guys can learn a bit with our mistakes.

So… Who the hell is BitCake again?

In order to talk about us we must first talk a little bit about Critical Studio (developers of Dungeonland, a little game that managed to climb to the Top 3 most sold on an unknown plataform called Steam).


Once upon a time in a grand place called Critical Studio – where people were happy and gran wizards long to teach what they knew to young aspires the old and untraditional art of ludic development – there was a group of Archmages who were developing a new form of magic. Time passed and those wizards went on developing this new… thing, which they called “Dungeonland” (a theme park for grand adventurers), they went on on their tasks but at the same time, the longing felt for teaching younglings about this art continued to grow inside them. So they had an idea: “What if we call upon 7 crazy great warriors to come here to our castle and give them the opportunity to develop their own techniques, and teach them what we know?”. Hastily everyone gathered information on the best talent available and called those 7 brave guys to the studio Castle, but (and there’s always a but) they ended up stuck in the middle of Dungeonland! The Dungeon Maestro (whom was still being taught how to run things) locked them inside a giant prision and said: “Hey NERDS, give me a new game or I’ll never release you!” and so, our warriors with nowhere to run or hide started developing a new game inside Crtical Studio’s prision walls – good thing they had the help of the Archmages, wich gave them wisdom, some confort and lots of awesome advices, for they would need all the help they could get in order to finish up that game….

But the truth is, we’re still developing it!

Since we’ve started working inside Critical’s walls as a company inside a company, we’ve had many changes in our staff, a game cancelled and, since January, we’ve been working on a new kind of experience that we feel has great potential to be awesome. And this is what bring us to the second point of this post:

What the hell is Project Tilt?

If I were to give our high pitch it would be:

Mario Kart meets Quake, on Facebook.

Project Tilt is a 2d Shooter in the grounds of Soldat. Thought from the ground up to be a mix of Quake and Mario Kart, the game brings a type of uninterrupted action with crazy weapons, random Items that give you different powers like eletrifying everyone around you or even infinite ammo and crazy fast fire rate!

Our choice of publishing was first on Facebook because we feel there’s a lot of potential there for non-farming-candy-birds-sims experiences, also we wanted to kill our friends in real time without leaving Facebook.

But enough bob-lob-law! What you’re interested is in PLAYING the game and experiencing by yourself the amazing thing we’re developing!

“So hey you guys, how do I play your game?” – You about our game

Tilt is in its infancy, we’re still on Pre-Alpha but we have arrived on a moment were we feel we need to open the game a little more in order to learn about what people think of our game and really understand if what we’re building is a trully great game, so we want to invite you!

Because of this we’d like to ask you guys just one thing: what we need of you is feedback! We just want to know what you think about the game, be it bugs, suggestions, critiques, anything is good! So after you finish up playing and killing your friends, hop on our Facebook group and leave a comment telling us what you feel about your experience, things like: “Shotgun is overpowered because of this thing…” “Well, I don’t really feel the jetpack is any good because of this and this” or “I’d like to see this awesome feature implemented in future releases because I miss this thing on the game”. Trying to tell us why you think what you think will help us understand the game even more.

Ok, so… Things you guys need to learn about Project Tilt:

  • – You’ll need a Facebook account in order to play
  • – Tests are always done on thursdays from 20 – 21h (GMT -3)
  • – Even if we gather everyone to test on a single day the game is open 24/7 for everyone to play
  • – We still don’t have art implemented, even if any feedbacks are good we’ll just ask you guys not to focus on this for now because we’ll still be implementing it in the future.
  • – Please use our Facebook Group in order to give us feedback, because that can generate healthy discussions with our community!
  • – Have in mind that we reserve the decision to change the game based on any and all feedback, so don’t suggest something thinking it’ll get in the game, because we won’t implement or change everything people ask. We’ll try to change things based on what we feel is more important to the core of the game. This is because we don’t want the game to become a hot mess of crazy features that don’t work with eachother.

What should I do if I want to become a tester?

  • 1) You obviously need a Facebook account 🙂
  • 2) Access our Facebook Group though the link  and ask to be invited in!
  • 3) After you get access to the group you are free to play! Just use this link: or if you prefer just click on the Tilt app on your Facebook apps
  • 4) Call a friend to play! You just need to send him those links 🙂

Last but not least:

Thank you for your interest in our game, we’re working very hard to build something special that we’ll be proud to show the world! Your help will be essential in building this amazing game so I just wanna tell you guys good luck, we’re all counting on you!

Hope to shoot you guys in the next test!

Eduardo Lamhut
Game Designer @ BitCake Studio


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