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New Update! 02/05 (WEAPONS BALANCE!)

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Hello Holodrivers!

Today is the day! Finally the new Weapon Balance patch is ready!

Today’s patch is going to change a lot of the gameplay, so be prepared to try some new weapons 😉
This is the biggest weapon balancing patch we’ve ever done!



  • AFK Kick timer reduced from 120s to 30s of non-activity
  • Reduced lagger tolerance


  • Respawn invencibility time increased from 2s to 4s

Basic Weapon:

  • Damage increased from 9 to 10

Plasma Gun:

  • Initial Damage reduced from 10 to 5
  • Max Heat damage increased from 1.5x to 2.4x
  • Heat Decay time decreased from 1.5s to 1s


  • Damage reduced from 10 to 6
  • Fire Rate increased from 15 to 16


  • Damage reduced from 12 to 10
  • Fire Rate reduced from 12 to 10
  • Range reduced from 54 to 50


  • Damage reduced from 15 to 10 per bullet
  • Fire Rate increased from 1.5 to 1.65


  • Base Damage reduced from 10 to 6
  • Base Range increased from 36 to 38
  • Bullet Scatter Delay increased from 0.2 to 0.25
  • Seeking Bullet Damage reduced from 13 to 8
  • Seeking Bullet Range increased from 34 to 36

Grenade Launcher:

  • Damage Reduced from 50 to 40
  • Fire Rate increased from 1.1 to 1.3
  • Bomb timer reduced from 3s to 2s

Shuriken Launcher:

  • Fire Rate reduced from 1 to 0.8
  • Max ammo reduced from 12 to 10 (6 to 5 per clip)
  • Shuriken timer reduced from 10s to 6s


  • Damage reduced from 8 to 7
  • Fire Rate reduced from 18 to 14
  • Range reduced from 52 to 48


  • Fire Rate reduced from 15 to 12
  • Flame DoT total damage reduced from 40 to 30
  • Ammo per clip reduced from 10 to 5
  • Max Clips count increased from 1 to 2

Brave Heart:

  • Damage reduced from 8 to 6
  • Fire Rate increased from 13 to 14
  • Range reduced from 52 to 50
  • Max Damage modifier increased from 2x to 2.5x
  • Minimun Health increased from 20 to 30 (meaning that requires less health loss to do 2.5x damage)


  • Bullet Speed reduced from 85 to 70
  • Explosion self-damage increased from 35% to 80% (Now you will take more damage from your own bullet)


  • Bullet Speed reduced from 85 to 62
  • Max ammo reduced to 4 (2 per clip)
  • Wall Speed modifier increased from 40% to 50% (the bullet travels 50% slower while inside walls)
  • Out of wall speed modifier increased from 120% to 150% (the bullet travels 150% faster when it leaves walls)
  • Explosion self-damage increased from 35% to 100% (Now you will take more damage from your own bullet)
  • The bullet will now explode after 1.5 seconds without hitting anything


  • Added a 0.5s unstoppable charge when you fire The Dematerializer.

And also lots of bugfixes

A new name revealed!

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So here we are again, last time we talked about our new beginning. How Project Tilt has changed and will change in the coming months for the Steam release. Last time we said we were gonna change the name of the game, but we didn’t actually share the new name. This time we’re going to dive deep into the subject and actually announce what the game is going to be called in the future! HYPED? We are!

Remember this?

Remember this?

Project Tilt

In the beginning there was Project Tilt, and there was a reason for that. It was a name that we came up with that told players the game was a work in progress and it was going to evolve over time. Tilt was also an easy name to remember, but the main reason why we chose it was because in Brazil the word Tilt is used to refer to something that broke or has stopped working. This definition of the word came from pinball tables, when you tilted them they stopped working and the word TILT would light up indicating this state. In the game robots were trying to break each other, trying to make each other “Tilt”. But this is not a very common use of the word outside of our country nowadays, so in the end the name loses part of its meaning.


A new name? Why?

Ok, so we decided to change it. Let’s start by explaining a bit better why we felt the need to do so at all. As we said in the last post, Project Tilt was always a “project” name. We came up with it very early on so we could better explain what we were making and also have something to call our game. We didn’t put much thought behind choosing this name, because we just wanted to share it with people and see what the reaction was, we didn’t even have a plan for the story of the game yet. Although we know some of you really like the name, we ultimately felt that we shouldn’t keep using a project name until the end.

First of all it’s a very bad thing to have PROJECT in your name because it denotes a sentiment of something that’s still being made, still in its infancy – not ready. For instance, Kinect was called Project Natal (a placeholder name like ours) before it had a real name, so people would have something to call it but at the same time know that it wasn’t ready yet.

Another thing is, nothing in the game actually Tilts. A lot of games nowadays, especially mobile games, use the accelerometer in some mechanics, in which the players has to “tilt” the phone to play. When we showed our game, we actually had people saying things like: “oh yeah, I can see this thing tilting” as if we were going to add some tilting mechanic to the game at some point.

“Tilting” also means “choking”, or getting so nervous you can’t make decisions properly. This term is very often used in Poker or other competitive games. We actually thought this would be a cool meaning we could utilize, since our game is so frantic like the robots are not thinking. We had lots of cool ideas using the word “tilt” or “tilt mode”, but after some research we realized the term is too intrinsic to poker already.

If you search Tilt or Tilt Game or Play Tilt you’ll find a bunch of poker games or other media that are not related to our genre, which could be kinda confusing. So, in terms of SEO, the word Tilt is not an easy one to work with. We would have trouble building more web presence with it.

We also know that by changing our name we are actually making our current Google results “irrelevant”, so that also defeats the point. The thing is we don’t have so many pages, we still don’t have a proper game website (only a company one), and even though we have many articles about the game spread around the web, we can still redirect all our old links to new ones.

So we wanted to move on and choose a final name, a name that fits, that seems like ready for primetime, a name that people could connect with, an unique name that people would easily find out there.

So we’ve chosen…


What is a Holodrive? Holodrive is a Holographic computer made by Holocorp, designed to be an interface of communication between you and your robotic best friend, Dummy!

Do you know the machine that you use to open Holopacks? That’s your alpha Holodrive! The Holodrive is your holographical storage drive, everything regarding your Dummy robot is kept safe in this personal device. Whenever you open your Album to check your collection of customization stickers and your performance indicators you’re actually accessing the Holodrive’s interface. All this data is stored there so whenever your Dummy explodes in battle you can safely rematerialize it and keep destroying your opponents.

But how and why did we choose this name? I’m going to tell you something… It wasn’t easy coming up with it. As we developed the game during the past three years, the thought of changing the name never left our minds. We knew we had to do it sooner rather than later, but it was never a priority. Now we feel that the time is right for the game to be reborn as Holodrive.

One of the main things we had to do in order to find the name we liked was coming up with a backstory of the game. What are the character motivations, what’s the world they live in like, who is the robot you control, who made it and things like that. This has not only guided us in finding the name, but also helped us in the shaping of our new environment art (coming in the Steam version). Now we know why things are where they are, who put them there are why are the robots (Dummys) fighting all the time!

So, when are we going to change the name? What is going to change for you who’s playing on the web? For now, nothing. We will change the name of the game alongside the launch of the Steam version!

Signup for the Beta

Steam? Good news!

And speaking of Steam we have some good news!

Now that we’ve announced the new name we can start sending keys for you, our most hardcore players, to try the game on Steam before its release!

All you have to do is click here and fill the form with your real e-mail! If you’re one of the lucky players, you’ll receive a Beta key to play Holodrive before everyone and will help us shape the game to be the best it can before the official release! Remember that keys are limited, so hurry up and register!


BitCake Studio @ GameFounders – Week 1!

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Hey People! Ok so we’re in the middle of April right now but we’ll give a retrospective of our GameFounders experience week-by-week until we arrive on where we are right now! 😀

Week 1

Ok, so the rest of Week 1 was CRAZY! After we wrote that First Post we had 2 very awesome, crazy and exhaustive days with mentors!Some of them are the best mentors we’ve had since the program started!

Here we were, 5 Brazilians with this crazy Multiplayer Game showing it to some of the guys from Tencent, Hidden Path and other crazy big companies on the FIRST WEEK! It was mind numbing, and exploded our heads so many times with knowledge that we didn’t know what to do next!

By the time week 1 ended we had changed our WHOLE development plan 2 times.


Week 1 had some great feedback on our Tutorial, we realized our Tutorial wasn’t as good as it could be, we had some metrics in place to check it but they sucked. Our funnel looked like this (no picture because it doesn’t exist anymore, sorry):

  • Player Started Tutorial: 100%
  • Player finished Tutorial: 50%

WTF Right? We didn’t track all the steps, out of this metric is only possible to identify you have a problem but you can’t point out where exactly it is coming from! So we figured we needed to work on our Tutorial, but not only that, we needed to work on our whole New User Experience for Project Tilt.

Retention – a driver of success

We also had a very, very good talk with Mark Terrano from Hidden Path. He talked to us about game feel and how we could improve our gameplay by adding stuff like Camera Shakes, he also gave us some tips on lean development. Having worked with Valve, he shared some insights that the Steam company has on how to develop games.

First of all, go watch In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 here

One key thing you always have to have in mind: Retention. That’s a recurrent theme in all of Valve’s talks, retention drives not only a games success but also its financial success.  Its easy to hear someone saying it, other is REALLY understanding how important retention is as a driver and how to measure and improve upon it. Mark helped us a bit, but we’re still working on this (and will be for some time). In the future I expect doing a post on this topic, so stay tuned 🙂

Our Retention problem

So Project Tilt had a pretty big problem with retention, our numbers were bad (we measured it using and we needed tips on how to deal with this.

Continuing with the mentors, when we told them about our retention problem we couldn’t really say what was happening. We clearly needed to do some deep digging and discover the reason behind why players weren’t coming back to play Tilt! What we figured out (through metrics and pure observation of player behaviour) was the classic multiplayer problem. A quick tip: if you are doing a Multiplayer only game you WILL go through this unless you have a publisher or someone to market your game or do User Acquisition – even Awesomenauts had this problem.

  1. User finishes the tutorial, logs in the game and there’s no one to play with
  2. User finishes the tutorial, logs in the game and there’s Hebertpro (level 500) and BossofallBosses (level 300) killing all the noobs

This is classic. You can’t do matchmaking and separate Hebertpro from the New Player because you don’t have enough players to fill those 2 rooms that will be created, but if you don’t do matchmaking you’ll keep loosing those players that repeatedly dies to Top Players – classic dilemma.

Solutions? Well, mentors gave us plenty! I bet you thought of some already: Add A.I. bots? Check. Add Single Player? Check. Add Time Trial? Check. Do matchmaking? Check.

Do Bots? We could… It would delay new features and many additions to the game for a month or two… Single Player? That could be potentially simple, would it fall in line with or vision for what Project Tilt is? Probably not. The solution will come on a future posts (because by that time we didn’t know enough about GameFounders, what the program would have and we only had gotten through 2 Mentoring days).

How is your Monetization?

Monetization was also a hot topic on our discussions.

How do we monetize the game? That’s a question that has been popping up every time we speak with a mentor (even now)… “We don’t”, that’s our answer. “We have a prototype store in place that we were using to gauge players interest in buying customization stuff to show off, but no one buys anything anymore”. That’s the only thing we could say at that time, we had a small plan and a vision for what our monetization would be, but we had more urgent matters to address.

Facebook? Don’t stay there.

Oh, and Facebook? Our friends at Aquiris had warned us about how Facebook is not very good for monetization. Don’t ever say your game is only on Facebook. The platform is on a rapid decline by now, no one plays there (even worse for our target audience), its hard to monetize and you can potentially scare investors by saying that. We needed to work on this and Greenlight was our first step.

End of Week 1

So we ended Week 1 like this:

  • Our Tutorial was terrible, the metrics and the way we measured it was horrible
  • Retention is something that we need to tackle, and fast
  • Monetization is a huge interest for every mentor and we needed to know how to talk about this
  • Facebook sucks
  • Social Media!

One thing we did as soon as we got there was starting our Social Media campaign.

Since we got to GameFounders, there hasn’t been a day without a post on Project Tilt’s Page. This has almost single-handedly made our retention WAY better 🙂 (more on a post later)   So that’s how Week 1 ended! We were screwed! We didn’t have a clear focus, yet we had many things to do! Our heads were spinning and we couldn’t think straight, the dust had just been thrown on our face and we needed to wait for it to settle.

Week 2? It was awesome tho….

Tilt?! From Concept to Pre-Alpha

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Hey Guys,

My name is Eduardo Lamhut and I’m Project Tilt’s Game Designer.

I’m here today to explain a little about the concept behind our project, and to talk about the path we intend to follow in the near future.



Tilt was born on a difficult time… We had lost a team member, cancelled a project and we didn’t know if we would be continuing to work as a team, after all we

Olá Galera,

Meu nome é Eduardo Lamhut e eu sou o Game Designer do Projeto Tilt.

Hoje eu vim explicar um pouco o conceito por trás do projeto, além de falar um pouco do caminho que estamos seguindo pro futuro.


Tilt nasceu num período meio conturbado do nosso grupo… Nós tínhamos acabado de tirar um membro da equipe, cancelado um projeto e não sabíamos se conseguiríamos ir pra frente como equipe, afinal de contas nós havíamos nos juntado sem nem nos conhecer através da Critical Studio.

Após inúmeras discussões sobre o próximo projeto, uma sugestão do Marcos Venturelli (Game Designer, Critical Studio) foi a de copiar algum jogo com o objetivo de crescermos como equipe e não de ser um projeto comercial. Assim a gente teve uma mini-reunião e resolvemos que alguns de nós curtiam Soldat, um shooter 2d bastante antigo. O Vinicius Pacha, um dos programadores, passou um final de semana montando um pequeno protótipo de 4 jogadores (na mesma tela) usando assets que haviam sido criados pro projeto cancelado. O problema é que a equipe sempre quis fazer um jogo pra todos nós jogarmos, o que implicava em discussões intermináveis entre nós e a Critical sobre fazer ou não um jogo multiplayer online ou couch-based (a Critical falava pra gente não fazer online de jeito nenhum que era só dor de cabeça e se fosse fazer multiplayer que fosse offline, enquanto os programadores do Tilt falavam que um shooter online é o básico de netcode e que era mais simples de fazer do que o multiplayer planejado pro projeto antigo).

O resultado disso foi nosso primeiro protótipo multiplayer online, feito neste primeiro mês de projeto. Tudo que a gente fazia nele era andar, pular, pegar health, usar jetpack e atirar nos amigos.

Vídeo deste protótipo:

A partir daí a coisa cresceu desenfreada…


Quando vimos que era super divertido jogar com os amigos e ficar matando eles usando jetpack, sentamos pra pensar no conceito do jogo e começamos a cada vez mais a fugir do tema do Soldat. “E se cada arma tivesse um efeito diferente e único? E se o jogo inteiro se passasse num laboratório de testes? E se a gente colocasse Itens estilo Mario Kart? E se tivessem Hazards nos levels? E se os personagens tivessem customização? ….. E se tudo isso fosse no FACEBOOK?” Se sua cabeça não explodiu é porque você não tava nessa reunião, no fim dela não tinha sobrado nada na cabeça de cada um de nós.

Você pode perceber agora que somos um pouco megalomaníacos demais até pro nosso bem.

Bom, o jogo tomou um rumo novo. Nesse meio tempo a Critical recebeu visita do Ed Lago e do Arthur Bobany da Aquiris, que nos deram algumas dicas sobre como proceder com nossos pilares do jogo. Ficou decidido na época os 3 pilares básicos que deveriam funcionar como as leis da robótica de asimov:

  1. Gameplay (Deixar o jogo com feel bom acima de tudo, com um bom replayability e grandes variações de gameplay)
  2. Acessibilidade (Deixar o jogo acessível, com poucos botões, interface clean, “Plug and Play”)
  3. Temática de Testes (Manter tudo na temática de laboratório de testes, armas, levels, personagens, etc)

Nós também decidimos o que viria a ser nosso MVP (Produto Mínimo Viável) para começarmos a abrir o jogo e chamar algumas pessoas pra testar com a gente. O MVP era composto de:

  • Personagem na tela com animações
  • Jogo funcionando num servidor externo 24 horas
  • Alguns tipos de armas normais (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, etc)
  • Power Ups básicos (Double Damage, Infinite Ammo, Invisibilidade, etc)
  • Uma interface básica de menu e HUD in-game
  • 2 ou 3 Levels diferentes

Note que pro MVP nós decidimos o que iria ser o núcleo do núcleo do nosso jogo e resolvemos focar nisso, ou seja, pra ter um inicio do nosso jogo nós precisaríamos que essas coisas ditas acima ficassem num estado mais maduro, por isso o foco só nessas partes; sem itens, sem armas especiais diferentes, hazards nas fases, customização, etc…).

Com o MVP pronto em Maio nós decidimos abrir o projeto pra um grupo muito pequeno de pessoas (amigos e interessados) e começamos a coletar feedback para guiarmos a direção que o jogo tomaria.

Vídeo de um destes testes:

Se você olhar com calma, verá que o primeiro level em que está rolando o teste (e o Thumbnail do vídeo) é a primeira versão do Floorophobic, em posts futuros entrarei em detalhes na evolução de Level Design dele, por enquanto vamos focar no que aconteceu com o jogo em geral.

Pré-Alpha (atualmente)

Desde então crescemos bastante como equipe e o jogo está evoluindo cada vez mais, nós já adicionamos muitas features e jogamos fora muitas outras. Hoje em dia temos um canal fixo onde os testers do Tilt podem enviar comentários falando mal ou bem do jogo e até mesmo sugerindo features para adicionarmos. Se quiser entrar no grupo e se tornar um tester você pode fazer através do link

Como exemplo do que fizemos desde o nosso primeiro MVP, nós:

  • Refizemos do zero o sistema de Power Ups e renomeamos ele pra Itens
  • Refizemos algumas armas e adicionamos outras
  • Refizemos grande parte da interface in-game
  • Refizemos grande parte dos efeitos de partículas
  • Adicionamos sistema de conta com nick Fixo
  • Adicionamos sistema básico de customização com “Cloud Save”
  • Removemos Levels, remodelamos alguns e adicionamos outros.

Além disso, alguns exemplos de iterações que realizamos com base no feedback da comunidade foi:

  • Refizemos o sistema de radar
  • Adicionamos Ranking na HUD
  • Balanceamos o Gameplay
  • Consertamos inúmeros BUGs

Porém como o foco atual da equipe é abrir o jogo pra qualquer pessoa entrar, nós resolvemos montar um 2º MVP com este propósito.

Este MVP consiste em:

  • Implementar nova arte no jogo (Personagem e Level)
  • 1 Level completo com arte
  • Loja com pelo menos 1 item sendo vendido
  • Interface do jogo refeita
  • Banco de Dados e Servidor rodando de maneira satisfatória 24horas

Esse conjunto de features é o que a equipe decidiu como o mínimo possível para que possamos abrir o jogo. A data estipulada para a abertura do nosso Pré-Alpha é Novembro de 2013, agora só o tempo dirá se conseguiremos atingir nosso objetivo.

É isso aí galera, se você está interessado em participar do jogo é só entrar no nosso grupo de Facebook:, depois de se inscreverem, acesse o jogo através do link: ou pelo seus APPs do Facebook.

Em breve teremos mais posts detalhando outras partes do processo de desenvolvimento, se vocês tiverem alguma sugestão de algum tópico futuro, deixe aí nos comentários!

Presenting: Project Tilt!

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Hello readers!

My name is Eduardo Lamhut and I’m BitCake Studio’s Game Designer, you must be asking yourself: What the hell is BitCake Studio? Do you guys make this video game stuff the hip kids talk about? Where’s the “Give you guys money” button? CALM DOWN, calm down… I’m here for the first time in order to present you guys our humble studio and the game we’re developing, as we grow and improve upon it there’ll be more posts detailing the game’s development process. All this so that hopefully you guys can learn a bit with our mistakes.

So… Who the hell is BitCake again?

In order to talk about us we must first talk a little bit about Critical Studio (developers of Dungeonland, a little game that managed to climb to the Top 3 most sold on an unknown plataform called Steam).


Once upon a time in a grand place called Critical Studio – where people were happy and gran wizards long to teach what they knew to young aspires the old and untraditional art of ludic development – there was a group of Archmages who were developing a new form of magic. Time passed and those wizards went on developing this new… thing, which they called “Dungeonland” (a theme park for grand adventurers), they went on on their tasks but at the same time, the longing felt for teaching younglings about this art continued to grow inside them. So they had an idea: “What if we call upon 7 crazy great warriors to come here to our castle and give them the opportunity to develop their own techniques, and teach them what we know?”. Hastily everyone gathered information on the best talent available and called those 7 brave guys to the studio Castle, but (and there’s always a but) they ended up stuck in the middle of Dungeonland! The Dungeon Maestro (whom was still being taught how to run things) locked them inside a giant prision and said: “Hey NERDS, give me a new game or I’ll never release you!” and so, our warriors with nowhere to run or hide started developing a new game inside Crtical Studio’s prision walls – good thing they had the help of the Archmages, wich gave them wisdom, some confort and lots of awesome advices, for they would need all the help they could get in order to finish up that game….

But the truth is, we’re still developing it!

Since we’ve started working inside Critical’s walls as a company inside a company, we’ve had many changes in our staff, a game cancelled and, since January, we’ve been working on a new kind of experience that we feel has great potential to be awesome. And this is what bring us to the second point of this post:

What the hell is Project Tilt?

If I were to give our high pitch it would be:

Mario Kart meets Quake, on Facebook.

Project Tilt is a 2d Shooter in the grounds of Soldat. Thought from the ground up to be a mix of Quake and Mario Kart, the game brings a type of uninterrupted action with crazy weapons, random Items that give you different powers like eletrifying everyone around you or even infinite ammo and crazy fast fire rate!

Our choice of publishing was first on Facebook because we feel there’s a lot of potential there for non-farming-candy-birds-sims experiences, also we wanted to kill our friends in real time without leaving Facebook.

But enough bob-lob-law! What you’re interested is in PLAYING the game and experiencing by yourself the amazing thing we’re developing!

“So hey you guys, how do I play your game?” – You about our game

Tilt is in its infancy, we’re still on Pre-Alpha but we have arrived on a moment were we feel we need to open the game a little more in order to learn about what people think of our game and really understand if what we’re building is a trully great game, so we want to invite you!

Because of this we’d like to ask you guys just one thing: what we need of you is feedback! We just want to know what you think about the game, be it bugs, suggestions, critiques, anything is good! So after you finish up playing and killing your friends, hop on our Facebook group and leave a comment telling us what you feel about your experience, things like: “Shotgun is overpowered because of this thing…” “Well, I don’t really feel the jetpack is any good because of this and this” or “I’d like to see this awesome feature implemented in future releases because I miss this thing on the game”. Trying to tell us why you think what you think will help us understand the game even more.

Ok, so… Things you guys need to learn about Project Tilt:

  • – You’ll need a Facebook account in order to play
  • – Tests are always done on thursdays from 20 – 21h (GMT -3)
  • – Even if we gather everyone to test on a single day the game is open 24/7 for everyone to play
  • – We still don’t have art implemented, even if any feedbacks are good we’ll just ask you guys not to focus on this for now because we’ll still be implementing it in the future.
  • – Please use our Facebook Group in order to give us feedback, because that can generate healthy discussions with our community!
  • – Have in mind that we reserve the decision to change the game based on any and all feedback, so don’t suggest something thinking it’ll get in the game, because we won’t implement or change everything people ask. We’ll try to change things based on what we feel is more important to the core of the game. This is because we don’t want the game to become a hot mess of crazy features that don’t work with eachother.

What should I do if I want to become a tester?

  • 1) You obviously need a Facebook account 🙂
  • 2) Access our Facebook Group though the link  and ask to be invited in!
  • 3) After you get access to the group you are free to play! Just use this link: or if you prefer just click on the Tilt app on your Facebook apps
  • 4) Call a friend to play! You just need to send him those links 🙂

Last but not least:

Thank you for your interest in our game, we’re working very hard to build something special that we’ll be proud to show the world! Your help will be essential in building this amazing game so I just wanna tell you guys good luck, we’re all counting on you!

Hope to shoot you guys in the next test!

Eduardo Lamhut
Game Designer @ BitCake Studio