It’s Carnival in Tilt! – Update and Sale!

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Hey everyone! We decided it’s a good idea to start posting our changelogs in our blog. I’m trying to revive it for a very long time, and changelogs are always there and maybe useful for some people to see in a specific link. So here it is, our first one 🙂



It’s Carnival here in Brazil, so in the spirit of that we are giving you a surprise!

– Everyone will get a Speacial Giftpack with a Carnival Mask headgear
– Special SALE! If you buy Bits on the store you’ll get DOUBLE the Bits!

Also here’s a changelog of the updates:

– Lobby news are now clickable and contextual! (If you click on a Weapons rotation news it’ll take you to the loadout screen for instance)
– Free Weapon Rotation is now AUTOMATIC and will happen every 3 days! (thank god, says [Dev]Ashkental)
– You can now use the chat if you’re spectating a game! (If you join a match while people are on the Post-Game Screen)
– Improved loading screen between matches
– Fixed opening empty holopack bugs
– Added a pretty new loading before some important server calls
– Added some cool new art to popup menus!
– Moved the AUDIO/VIDEO options to its own sub-menu
– Added option to disable Music in the In-Game options menu!
– Fixed Background music playing on the Post-Game Screen even if you had disabled it before
– Added and remade a bunch of localization stuf Emoticon smile
– Fixed some other bugs! Emoticon grin



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