NEW UPDATE: Bullet FX & Account Creation Changes

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 A new update has been released!

We just updated the game with some cool stuff, specially for those who have not won their 50 Bits for verifying your e-mail!

Here’s the changelog:

Changes to the account creation process

– You can now freely change the e-mail you used to start playing Project Tilt BEFORE you verify it. (After verification your e-mail won’t be changeable anymore!)
– You can now request to change your password from withing the settings menu after verifying your e-mail.
– You don’t need to create an account before playing the game anymore if you’re playing on Facebook! (just accept the app and create a nickname) Later, you will be prompted to upgrade your account – this is an optional step in which you insert email address and password. With this “BitCake Account” you can play Project Tilt in any other platform (Facebook, and others in the near future)


– Changed the whole Tutorial ending screen. Now we explain the rewards the player gets when he/she finishes the tutorial.
– Changed all bullet sizes and shader effects (Normal bullets and Double Damage bullets)
– Small visual adjustments on Floorophobic so it reflects its collider better
– Small adjustment on BigRigs post-game so when you hop on a ramp you’ll fall on the vote capsule.

– Many many many bugfixes and improvements to the game Emoticon smile

Come play the game!


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