BitCake Studio
Based in Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Release date:
Q4 2017, Steam

PC / Mac


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Early Access Supporter Pack: USD 9.99
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Mario Kart meets Quake, in 2d. Holodrive is all about fast and explosive multiplayer combat mixed with unpredictability. You control, equip and customize your Dummy and participate in various multiplayer modes, exploding your enemies using unique guns that range from a Bazooka that shoots through walls or a Homing-bullet Shotgun. The game features classic game modes such as Team and regular Deathmatch and a growing list of unique game modes including the Collector's mode - where each team must Collect energy from kills and attack the opposing team's Vault. Holodrive has been in open development for over 2 years, its growing community becoming one the pillars of development by actively giving feedback and helping shape the game since the very beginning.


Holodrive is the first game developed by BitCake Studio. Starting its life as Project Tilt, the game has been playable in Pre-Alpha stage on the Web since before Steam had its own Early Access program. Holodrive is a fast paced multiplayer 2d shooter where the player controls his own Dummy and fights in maze-like arenas using his trusty jetpack as means of navigation. It features Mario Kart style Power Ups and fast paced combat found in games such as Team Fortress 2 and Quake. Holodrive also presents some unique game modes tailored to its own style of play such as the "Collectors Mode" where players collect and steal energy from their enemies while protecting their own base. For the past three years BitCake has been improving, balancing and adding features with the help of its small but passionate community, who've seen this game evolve from a prototype to its current stage. The game's Free to Play design is all player-centric and inspired by "monetization done right" games such as Dota 2, Hearthstone and LoL. It is slated to be released on Steam Early Access as a paid title at the beginning, but players who wish to try the game for free may join its queue system for a Steam Key.


  • Non-Stop Multiplayer Action - The action is fast and strategic and explosions are rife! You'll learn to love blowing each other up, but when you do you'll materialized quickly to continue your shooting spree. Use the map to your advantage and surprise your enemies by teleporting right into the combat or hiding behind anti-bullet barriers!
  • Collect a vast arsenal of weapons - Carry up to 7 weapons at a time. Pick up weapons and ammo as you platform through the levels or grab weapons from enemies you kill. Get different weapons by opening packs, craft them or equip your free weapon that’s available on rotation every 3 days!
  • Mobility, Versatility, Unpredictability - Every Dummy is equipped with a jetpack so you can move with great speed through the arena. Fast gameplay is accentuated with the use of ramps and strategically placed power ups that can turn the tide of battle with an element of surprise at any time.
  • Customize and Show off your Stylish Self - Hat, head, torso, arms, legs, skin and jetpack are fully customizable! Open Holopacks and compete on style with complete sets like the Shinobi or Ninja, OR mix and match to make a brave and bold fashion statement!
  • Jump in - It's Free to Play, now with Cocoball! - Holodrive is free to play, but it's a level playing field even if you DON'T spend money. You’ll be able to collect any combat item by just playing the game! Compete in deathmatch or jump in one of 3 team-based game modes including the new Cocoball for a cluckin good time!


Holodrive - Free to Play release! YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Holodrive seems to be doing a lot of things right – creating a fast, fluid multiplayer shooter with a heavy emphasis on fun. Super Mario Quake."
    - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "In general it looks fast paced and fucking insane and I'm really excited."
    - Doug and Bren in ABTS Podcast - Episode 85, Almost Better

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About BitCake Studio

BitCake Studio is a Brazilian crazy experiment turned Indie Developer, trying to do the impossible one feedback at a time.

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Holodrive Credits

Camilla Slotfeldt
Art Director & Designer, BitCake

Daniel Andrade
3d Artist, BitCake

Eduardo Lamhut
Game Designer & 3d Animator, BitCake

Jefferson Bandeira
Programer, BitCake

Matheus Lessa Rodrigues
Programmer, BitCake

Leonardo Perantoni
SFX, Freelancer

Raphael Müller
Music & SFX, Freelancer

Thommaz Kauffmann
Music & SFX, Freelancer

Vinicius Pachá
Programmer & VFX, BitCake

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