We believe games create engagement like no other medium.
Especially Multiplayer games & those you can share with other people.
We specialize in multiplayer and VR.

We’re a game dev team from Rio making games for ourselves and clientes around the world.

We started working together in a kitchen, upgraded to a garage, traveled the world showing our games, and even lived together in Estonia.

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Game Development & Outsourcing

Other than making our own games, we’ve been sharing our knowledge and experience with other studios around the world.

We help companies, brands and game studios with full game development or specific services including art, animation, programming, music & sound or game design. If you’re looking for a specific and creative game studio with, shoot us a message.

VR Experiences

We’ve been working with VR for a while, creating games and experiences for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Mobile VR. We love this new medium and believe it’s one of the most amazing things that happened in the last few years – and it can transform businesses and brands.

If you want a new way to promote your brand, get in touch. We might have something for you.

Multiplayer, Networking & Online Super Powers

We are experienced multiplayer developers with lots of cool multiplayer games under our belt. We helped many other game developers and companies with networking solutions.

Have you ever tried VR multiplayer? There is something unique about being in another reality and seeing other people that you know are somewhere else, wearing a VR headset, and interacting with you.


Online multiplayer 2D shooter.

About Holodrive

Neko Neko Rampage

Multiplayer cat-driven destruction!

Neko Neko info

DeMagnete VR

A volcano puzzle adventure in VR!

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Project Blueless

Photon Quantum 2D shooter tech demo.

Blueless & Quantum

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Ask us anything, offer to do business together, give feedback, or just speak your mind. Feel free to drop us a message!