About BitCake

The story behind our team

We’re a game development studio creating games that bring people together. We have over 5 years of experience creating games for multiple platforms. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we are a completely remote studio with coworkers from different cities and even some digital nomads.
We believe games have an engagement power that is unlike any other medium. We focus on creating experiences that can leverage that social aspect. We specialize in multiplayer games, online or offline, community-based products and virtual reality experiences. 
We started out in 2013 as a group of 6 people who wanted to launch their first game. We were incubated in a bigger studio in Rio at the time and launched an MVP of what would later become Holodrive.
We got accelerated by the GameFounders, the first games only accelerator in Europe, and lived together for 5 months in Estonia. We like to say that, if we could survive that long sharing an apartment with a single bathroom between 5 people, nothing can stop us.
In 2016 we launched our first game on Steam: Holodrive, which achieved the mark of 1 million user accounts. 
We’re now a team of 11 people, developing a few different projects, both independent and for clients. We have two new VR games in development to be launched in early 2019. 
We’re always looking for amazing new opportunities in game development, be it new independent projects, co-productions or outsourcing work.