How to game dev when your whole team works remotely

Remote work is the dream of many people, but the reality may be entirely different from what you imagine.

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Game Jam 101

It feels natural to join friends, pick a theme and create a game in 48 hours. There’s only one problem: How to have something playable at…

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BitCake and Exit Games partnership!

After years of using Exit Games products, we were invited to create a Holodrive multiplayer shooter demo that explored the tools of the…

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Neko Neko and the 48h Game Jam!

BitCake grew very fast, and we decided to make our first game jam to get the team even closer!

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The Worst Enemy of a Programmer: Future Proofing

What of the following you think is harder?

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Tips for Showcasing your VR game on trade shows

So, after months of development, you finally have a stable build to take to consumer and business trade shows, but you’ve never showcased a…

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Debugging often feels like a House episode

Did you ever feel like the Sherlock Holmes of coding when debugging by following the slightest clue that would lead to the root of the…

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BitCake at the Game Developers Conference 2018

“We always heard stories about GDC from other devs. Everyone says it’s like a magical place and there is no other event like it, but we…

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