Online Multiplayer 2D Shooter, available Free to Play on Steam.

Holodrive: Collectible 2D Shooter was the first game developed by our studio. It’s a super fast-paced multiplayer 2D shooter where players face each other in maze-like arenas. There are a few different game modes, such as the traditional Team Deathmatch and Capture Point, but also some original ones like Collectors Mode and Cocoball¬†– a soccer-like game with a chicken as the ball.

In Holodrive, each player controls a “Dummy”, a fully-customizable robot built by Holocorp. As player progress in the game, they can open Holopacks, holographic chests that contains character customizations, weapons, jetpacks and devices to use in battle.

Holodrive is currently free to play on Steam and has over 1 million player accounts created. We have a loving small community on our Discord Channel, and are always improving the game. Our philosophy is to create a fun and fast-paced game for everyone, always valueing balance and variety in gameplay over “pay 2 win”.

Holodrive is published by Versus Evil, our international marketing partner.


Website: PlayHolodrive.com

Press Kit: Holodrive PressKit